The Power of Celebrity Endorsements by a Modern Family!

We’ve had Ellen and Oprah, now Australian airline QANTAS is bringing the cast of Modern Family to Australia to shoot their ‘holiday’ episode in February this year. This new episode of Modern Family will no doubt drive more tourists to Australia and suggests that maybe traditional advertising may not be the way to go!

Modern Family

Tourism in Australia had massive spikes after the special broadcasts of Ellen and Oprah specials in Australia. Ellen’s trip through Australia increased US-Australia flights by 22% and Oprah’s Ultimate Australian Adventure added an extra $20 million dollars to the tourism market. Now Modern Family . . .

The ‘holiday’ episode will most likely produce the same results as both Oprah and Ellen for two reasons. One, it is one of the most watched television shows in America reaching between 15 and 16 million viewers. Two, it isn’t a typical advertisement – and neither were Ellen or Oprah’s trips.

Especially with advancements in TiVo, we are watching very few ads on televisions. And when we can’t fast-forward through them, we tune out. However, we tune straight back in when we see the television show return.

(There lies the secret to success for the Big W ads featuring Modern Family’s Eric Stonestreet – it makes you think that the show has returned!)

By integrating the location into the episode, consumers are more likely to absorb the information because they are paying attention. And they aren’t going to tune out because the point of this communication is entertainment not selling tickets.

The other reason why it will work is because these characters are so popular. By watching them enjoy their time in Australia, it acts as a celebrity endorsement (even though the celebrities are fictional characters on a television show). ‘The cast of Modern Family enjoyed their time in Australia, so I would enjoy a trip to Australia too!’

It is exactly the same way that FRIENDS and How I Met Your Mother have inspired millions of people to add New York to their wish list of travel destinations. Audiences enjoy what they see the characters doing, so they want to do it themselves. (New York first ended up on my wish list because I wanted to live like the cast of FRIENDS!) And it becomes a new sort of celebrity endorsement without the barrier that audiences put up when they are being sold to!

So if you were ever thinking of getting into the tourism business – now may be the time!