Strategic Sponsorship at the Australian Open

The week of the Australian Open is always hot in Melbourne. And this year Mother Nature has decided to make this statement especially true with almost an entire week above 40 degrees. While the rest of us may be cursing this weather, the Australian Open’s new sponsors will be jumping for joy!

Mount FranklinLate last year Mount Franklin signed a three-year deal to become the Australian Open’s ‘official premium water supplier’. A move which shows some clever and strategic placement by their parent company Coca-Cola Amatil.

While Mount Franklin may not be their most well-known product (cough . . . Coke . . . cough), it is certainly the right choice for an event such as the Australian Open. And this decision is only solidified by the intense heat that all Melbourne Park visitors will experience during the competition – a heat which will have many consumers receptive to the Mount Franklin advertising around the grounds.

To celebrate this partnership, Mount Franklin has made two major changes.

Firstly, extending the influence of the Australian Open brand beyond the court, the packaging of Mount Franklin bottles has been revamped to feature tennis-related imagery. While it may not convince the average consumer who isn’t at the tennis to purchase Mount Franklin, seeing the bottles around the streets is a constant reminder of the partnership and the power of the Australian Open brand.

Secondly, a new advertising campaign has been released to coincide with the start of the tennis. Temporarily moving away from a focus on their brand ambassador, Jennifer Hawkins, who clearly solidifies their ‘lightly sparkling’ range in the premium end of the water market, the new campaign focusses on refreshment. And this trait is probably right at the top of the list when consumers look at water in January.

You can check out the two campaigns below.

Pre-Australian Open

Australian Open

Some clever moves from the Coca Cola Amatil brand that are clearly targeted towards their partnership with the Australian Open. And whether you drink Mount Franklin or not, if you are going to the tennis this week make sure you have some water with you!

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