If you can’t beat ‘em . . . why not join them for a kick?

Forget about the Polar Vortex. That storm will be taking second place to the new storm taking over New York next week . . . The Super Bowl. And they are taking over Broadway’s home stadium, Times Square, for a massive block party from Wednesday 29th January to Saturday 1st February.

Source: The New Orleans Advocate

Source: The New Orleans Advocate

This time honoured American tradition seems to grip the nation. Grip the nation to the extent that everybody seems to forget about Broadway. Or at least that is what the commentators are saying. But why roll over and take the punches (or broadcast your endless complaints over the internet) as everybody in New York goes Football crazy?

Or in the words of Rock of Ages’ protesting freedom fighter, Regina: We’re not gonna take it!

And Broadway’s Rock of Ages definitely isn’t taking it! More than that, Rock of Ages is embracing the new potential audience hitting the square by announcing a week-long celebration of the football championship.

Starting on January 28 and running throughout the week, Rock of Ages will welcome a former or current football star to make their Broadway debut on stage each night. Announced so far are Green Bay Packer wide receiver Randall Cobb, Detroit Lions running back Joique Bell and four-time Pro-Bowl running back Ahman Green.

(Now, I don’t actually know anything about American football except for the price of hiring an advertising slot and the legendary half-time show. But I imagine if I did, I would be suitably impressed by these names!)

Of all the shows on Broadway, Rock of Ages is probably the best equipped to weather this football storm. With a story full of sex, booze and rock ‘n’ roll and a score which features highlight songs from the ‘80s there would be a significant overlap of interest for football fans looking for something to fill their nights. And many of these football fans probably saw the Tom Cruise movie re-make of the musical providing even less risk for attending the theatre.

Much more equipped than Rodgers & Hammerstein’s Cinderella for instance. I can’t see many football fans lining up for last-minute tickets to the classical waltzing spectacular that is Cinderella. Although I’m sure there are some shows out there in the Times Square district which could devise strategies to encourage football fans through the doors.

Is it too early to have already found my favourite marketing stunt of 2014? Because Rock of Ages has scored a winning touchdown with this one!