Keeping the Mystery Alive

When it comes to electronic music, there really isn’t anyone more successful than Daft Punk who cleaned up at the Grammy’s winning both Album of the Year and Record of the Year awards. But while music may be the predominant factor in their popularity, there is something else which has launched them to astronomical heights.



There is very little information that can’t be found in the current internet-savvy age. Personal information, live updates on a myriad of events from awards ceremonies to civil unrest, even government records can be found online through the hand of WikiLeaks.

But despite this lack of secrecy, the two masked collaborators of Daft Punk are notorious about keeping an air of mystery about their identities. Hence they always appear in robotic costumes when in public and grant very few interviews. And surprisingly, very little is known about these two music superstars in comparison to other well-known celebrities of the industry such as Beyoncé and Miley Cyrus (of whom we probably know too much!).

While it would be natural to think that this lack of knowledge may fail to create a personal connection with fans and lead the duo to a potential struggle in creating a loyal fan base, it has actually done the complete opposite!

The lack of knowledge about these two musicians has caused speculation and intrigue that has managed to be sustained over through their significant hits. And while they may lack the personal interaction from non-masked superstars, the group has offered insight into the reason behind this success when being interviewed in Mixmag:

We’re trying to separate the private side and the public side. It’s just that we’re a little bit embarrassed by the whole thing. We don’t want to play this star system thing. We don’t want to get recognised in the streets. Yes. Everyone has accepted us using masks in photos so far, which makes us happy. Maybe sometimes people are a little bit disappointed but that’s the only way we want to do it. We think the music is the most personal thing we can give. The rest is just about people taking themselves seriously, which is all very boring sometimes.”

 And maybe they are right. Maybe the focus should be on the product (songs) rather than the brand (artists)? Maybe if the product can actually deliver through for the fans then the brand loses its importance?

Or maybe it is just that we are all stunned at how little we are able to find out about this duo despite the infinite ocean of information at our fingertips? And as a result we just have to keep looking until we can solve the mystery!