Creating a Wicked experience with Google Street View

I couldn’t live without Google Street View. If I am travelling to an unfamiliar destination, the first thing I will do is check it out on Google Street View. Why? Because it decreases the risk in travelling to somewhere unknown. But these risk-reducing powers do not stop here, they are now finding a new home in the theatre!

Wicked Street View

Booking tickets is a necessary part of attending any piece of theatre, musical, arena concert or performance. But it can also be the most nerve-wracking for consumers (apart from, of course, the sizeable credit card bill that follows).

When you are unfamiliar with a performance venue it can be very difficult to part with such a large amount of money. Especially without a personal guarantee that you will get a good view of the stage and enjoy the show from those seats. Many large venues have tried to decrease the uncertainty in booking tickets. This can be through providing a couple of snapshots of the stage from various locations around the theatre or, my personal favourite, providing detailed information about how many metres you are from the stage and the number of degrees off-centre.

But neither of those methods are as fun as Google’s latest partnership with Wicked!

Created by Black Paw Photo for Google Street View, this innovative technology has transcended the streets into the Gershwin Theatre where Wicked is currently playing on Broadway. By selecting the Gershwin Theatre and clicking the Street View option on Google Maps any internet user is allowed a self-guided tour through the venue.

Moving through the foyers, up escalators and in between seats in the theatre, consumers are allowed a view of the theatre that could only be rivalled by actually being there in person!

To add a bit more fun for potential (or experienced) Wicked audience members, characters from the production are scattered throughout the theatre – allowing the show to inhabit the entire building rather than just the stage.

But the genius of this product lies in how it is used into the future. Just like Google Street View allows users to view houses in the street, could this technology not be utilised to let potential audience members view the stage from any virtual seat they are about to select online?

I know it would certainly decrease the risk in my purchases when selecting seats in foreign theatres. And it would certainly provide more information than the simple stage plan used to illustrate remaining seats.

Let’s hope that Wicked continues this innovative partnership to further revolutionise the theatrical experience and is closely followed by all the other theatres. Because who knows, maybe if people were confident in their seat selections they would be more likely to follow through on their purchases and actually come to the show!

You can check out the cool innovation here: