Using a Magic Lamp to see into the Future!

We love exit surveys. Wherever you go, if you have to enter your email address when you buy tickets or enter the venue then you can be pretty sure you will have a survey sitting in your Inbox about how you enjoyed your experience. But who says they have to be when you exit?

aladdin disney

Gaining data about your customers after they have experienced your service definitely helps to evaluate how well it met their needs. But why focus on the other end? Why not try and predict what needs they are going to have when they try out your service so they can leave 100% satisfied?

Disney’s newest Broadway offering, Aladdin, is flipping this process on its head.

Rather than wait until patrons have seen the show to ask them what they thought, everybody who signs up to their online mailing list receives a survey. This survey covers a wide range of questions, but some particularly stand out. Questions such as ‘When did you first hear about Aladdin?’, ‘What makes you want to see the production?’ and ‘What have you heard about the production?’ are certainly pertinent alongside questions about your theatregoing habits.

And they are pertinent for a reason. Answers to these questions allow Disney to better predict their clientele, proactively rather than retrospectively, to make sure that customers are completely satisfied from the first show.

Knowing whether your audience will be attending alone, with friends or with their young children allows tailoring of the souvenir shops and food and drink stands. Knowing which shows your audience have recently seen on Broadway gives you an idea to the kind of service provision they are used to – do they see high-class dramas or do they see the touristy classics?

But of even greater importance is understanding their expectations. By examining where they heard about the show, what they have heard and why they want to see it allows restructuring of advertising in the lead-up to opening. It allows an insight into why the customer is coming. And most importantly, it allows some knowledge as to what your audience wants to get out of the production. Do they want Disney theatrics, do they want to see famous performers, do they want to relive the 1992 movie?

And by understanding all these aspects of the service (before customers even enter the theatre doors) Disney can tailor their new show to hit all the right notes with advertising and intimately meet the needs of their audience. And when your audience is this satisfied then there is no way that they can be shut up when it comes to sharing their wonderful opinion of the show across social media and through all their social groups!

(P.S. That means a heck of a lot more ticket sales because the most powerful marketing tool at anyone’s disposal is personal recommendations!)