But wait, there’s more!

Did you know that if you buy the Twist-a-Saw now, you can get over $295 worth of accessories included . . . for FREE! Don’t worry, I haven’t sold out to the gimmick companies, but I was watching some infomercials last week and I have been inspired.


Do you remember a time when infomercials were only ever seen in the early hours of the morning? Confined to a time where the only viewers were either returning home after the clubs closed or had babies who wouldn’t sleep? Well, that is no longer the case!

There are many new channels popping up that are dedicated to infomercials 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. And while you might think that this is a marketer’s idea of a party . . . even we get sick of advertisements.

But nonetheless, they provide some insight into interesting sales tactics. Especially when it comes to value!

Value is a huge determinant when it comes to purchasing any product. From ‘Will I get my $2.50 worth out of this chocolate bar?’ right through to ‘Will I get my $300 worth of value from seeing a concert?’. And if there is one thing that infomercials do right, it is putting the idea of value right at the front of the consumer’s mind.

Every infomercial’s focus is squarely targeted on how the consumer is going to reap the rewards of this novelty product. Whether it is the Ab Rocket Twister or the Twist-a-Saw or even the Mega Ninja Kitchen System, the half-hour advertisement is centred around the question ‘What will you get out of buying this product?’.

That is exactly where all advertisements should be focussed. What does the consumer get out of the product? Because, after all, they are the one putting their money on the line to try the product so in order to convince them to part with their hard-earned cash there needs to be a clearly outlined incentive.

But the power of ‘value’ doesn’t stop at infomercials. Think of the theatre or a live concert.

If you were to sum up their advertising in one sentence it would be ‘Come and see my show because you will enjoy it’. While it may be true, it doesn’t give actually present the potential audience member with any clearly defined value they will be getting from the substantial amount of money they are parting with.

Why not focus on the aspects of the performance and break it down for them. There will be phenomenal dancing, top-class singing and first-rate acting. You will be left with a moving message that will change the way you see the world. And it is a great way to create a memorable evening with your friends or family.

And if you want to go a step further, you can always follow the lead of The Production Company. Structure your prices so that they include a program with the purchase of a ticket. Whether or not the cost of the program is accounted for in the ticket purchase, it is a real buzz to be presented with any free merchandise and leaves the audience with a tangible gift to take away (and show all their friends). Plus, they feel like they are getting more value for their money!

Who knew that you could learn more than just the 74 different uses of an Ab Rocket Twister from an infomercial?