The Lovers’ Special

February 14 is simultaneously the most love-filled romantic day of the year and the most depressing day of the year. Depending on whether you are single or coupled, this day brings out strong emotions in everyone. And I think that the entertainment industry is missing out on a great opportunity when February 14 rolls around!


When it comes to plays and musicals there are two types of shows. There are those that end with a happy and joyous finish – Mamma Mia, Matilda, Legally Blonde, Grease, Kinky Boots and anything produced by Disney. And then there are those that end in turmoil and widespread devastation – King Kong, Sweeney Todd and most of Les Misérables. (Let’s just forget about all those that fall somewhere in between like Wicked).

Well, surely this romantic day provides the perfect scenario for getting people to the theatre!

For all those lucky people spending the evening with someone they love, this day offers the perfect opportunity for premium packages to the theatre. A special package that revolves around treating your loved one to the perfect night out. Maybe throw in some ice creams, a program and a specially signed Valentine from the cast?

This would be perfect for a feel-good show like Mamma Mia. ‘Looking for a special treat for that special someone? Come and show off your Dancing Queen with the cast of Mamma Mia!’

Then you have the singles . . .

There is the time-honoured pretence that today won’t seem as lonely if you treat yourself. So maybe you throw in a special package like the one above except for singles? Especially encouraging a whole bunch of singles to come together and kick up their heels celebrating friendship rather than lifetime commitment. Perfect for something like the short-lived Spice Girls’ musical Viva Forever!

Then there is the other approach to singlehood on this day . . . gluttony. Why not, for one night only, upgrade your bar to include selling 1 gallon tubs of ice cream? Perfect to accompany a night watching people get hacked to death at the hands of the evil barber in Sweeney Todd.

I can see the tagline now . . . ‘At least you haven’t been made into a pie!’

Okay maybe not that last one, but the others certainly have merit. Valentine’s Day only comes around once a year and every year there a millions of couples looking for special activities to do together (and millions of singles looking to distract themselves). So why not give them a specially tailored experience to remember?

And if they have a fantastic time with their significant other, they may go and recommend it to all their couple friends for their next date nights!

Excuse me while I go back to my huge tub of ice cream . . .