Leaving a Lasting Last Impression

First impressions are important. But I think there might be something even more important . . . last impressions. Leaving a lasting last impression is one of the best ways to send incredibly happy audiences off into the world to tell their friends all about the wonderful experience. And this is something that will happen to anybody who visits Melbourne’s White Night.

Photo Credit: John Gollings

Photo Credit: John Gollings

Last impressions are a really difficult concept to control. Mostly because, regardless of the experience, they happen once the audience member is on their way home. And once you have left the grasps of the theatre, restaurant or other event, it is up to fate determining whether you get home quickly or get stuck in a traffic jam.

Who has been to the city and on their way home just missed the train home prompting an ungodly wait until the next train on a lonely isolated platform?

Unless the experience that you just had was absolutely mind blowing and you sit there reliving the entire night minute by minute, chances are this will ruin your night.

But this is not the case at White Night!

Last year’s spectacular debut attracted over 300,000 people to the city for the night-long celebrations. And you can imagine what it would be like to want to go home at the same time as a large number of these people – probably wouldn’t be the highlight of your night!

In anticipation of even more people attending this year’s event, an extra 370 train and tram services have been announced to make the commute to and from the festivities easier. Trains will provide outbound trips every half an hour, running direct from Flinders Street Station to get passengers home while Yarra Trams and NightRider buses will provide both inbound and outbound trips all night.

Making the commute home from the city after White Night will certainly help with creating a positive lasting impression of their White Night experience. That way, when they see their friends who might be interested in going to White Night 2015, they won’t need to complain about the lack of public transport. They can just rave about the fantastic experience they had!

I don’t think I have ever been more excited about public transport!

For more information about White Night and to organise travel arrangements, visit: http://whitenightmelbourne.com.au/

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