Thank You, Mum

The Olympics may be focussing on the celebration of athletic prowess, but it is also the battleground for advertisers across the world. As we near the end of the celebrations it is time to award the gold medal for best advertising campaign. And that award goes to . . . Mums across the world.

Procter & Gamble have made their way into millions of houses around the world with their wide variety of consumer goods from disposable nappies to household cleaning and beauty products. Housing brands such as Gilette, Pantene, Covergirl, Duracell and Oral B, P&G have taken this advertising opportunity to thank the people who often go unnoticed (and also happen to be their major customers)!

The Sochi 2014 Campaign, suitably titled ‘Thank You, Mom’, started off with a two-minute ad uploaded to YouTube showing the pivotal part that parents have played in getting these elite athletes to the Olympics. Highlighting all the times when these children have needed to be picked up in the past, there has always been a comforting pair of arms waiting for them.

The genius of this ad was in the timing. The main instalment was released a couple of weeks before the Olympics allowing it to gain momentum before all the other big Olympics campaigns were mounted by other brands.

This main ad was released in conjunction with a number of other instalments focussed around the mothers of seven specific Olympians. And as if that wasn’t enough to convince you of P&G’s dedication to mothers, they then followed it up with a one-hour television special ‘How to Raise an Olympian’ the night before the Olympics began!

By getting to audiences before the Olympics, they are much more receptive to the message later in the games while they are being bombarded by hundreds of other huge Olympics campaigns – especially when the message is as heart-warming as P&G.

But this was not the first time P&G targeted the Olympics with this mother-centric strategy. They did it for the London 2012 Summer Olympics . . . and they will probably do it for the 2016 Rio Summer Olympics as well!

So congratulations to P&G for a gold-medal worthy marketing performance. They may not have actually been awarded a gold medal, but my guess is that they will all be getting one when their sales figures come in at the end of this month!