That Charitable Feeling.

There are so many people in need out in the world and many great charities to help these groups. But do you ever feel a bit guilty when you splurge on a product knowing that there are people who could be helped with this money? Never fear, there is a solution!

givenikOver the last couple of years there has been a dramatic rise in the number of products which are teaming up with charities. And generally these products are confined to consumables you would buy in the supermarket. The National Breast Cancer Foundation is a great example with their wide range of partnerships allowing supermarket shelves to be lined with products donating a proportion of their proceeds to the worthwhile charity.

It also certainly helps to ease our guilt when we treat ourselves to the more expensive version of a certain product.

Well, this proceed donation concept is moving out of the supermarket and into the entertainment market. I recently stumbled upon a United States-based ticket vendor Givenik which has incorporated this unique approach into ticket buying.

The idea behind Givenik is to give consumers access to cheap discount tickets, group tickets, or premium tickets to Broadway and off-Broadway shows . . . while also supporting their favourite charity.

Across the board the prices are as competitive as any of the other discount merchants and consumers are actually buying tickets through the discount arm of Telecharge, the ticket mega-merchant. But 5% of the money they have spent on tickets is donated to a charity of their choice!

Donating 5% of every ticket sale is certainly an appealing way of relieving consumer guilt while also helping out many worthwhile charities. But what makes this offer even more appealing is the possibility for consumers to choose their own charity.

When it comes to charity-product partnerships, you may support the charity in the partnership but you may not actually be a regular consumer of the partnered product. If this is the case, then you probably aren’t going to go out of your way to purchase a product you don’t want just to give 5 cents to the charity organisation you support. In fact, you would be better just giving them the 5 cents.

By allowing consumers to choose the charity they would like to support, Givenik is guaranteeing support from a wide-variety of people who are all currently in the market to buy tickets. No matter what your charitable beliefs – whether you support animals, arts, LGBT issues, seniors or health – there is an incentive to purchase your cheap tickets through this site and reward your charity. And the ability to still get discounts through this site is just the cherry on top of the journey to the warm, fuzzy feeling we all receive when we help someone out.

Now the only issue is narrowing the choice down to one charity!

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