A ONCE-in-a-lifetime launch

Group ticket buyers are an integral part of any successful production. And to try and secure these elusive clients, producers throw a special launch especially for group ticket buyers. Tonight’s Once group launch was certainly special and embodied the spirit of the new production – something which is incredibly important when securing group bookers.

Once Groups Launch

Once Groups Launch

This new show, coming straight from successful seasons on Broadway and the West End, is different from the average musical. You won’t find any high-kicking chorus lines in this production!

Based on an independent movie with an incredibly small budget, this musical focusses on being intimate and moving as a boy falls in love with a girl in a Dublin pub. And this intimate focus results in some interesting new takes on traditional theatre etiquette such as inviting the audience onto the stage before the show to order drinks and jam with the musicians from the show.

To give tonight’s audience a taste of the new production, the launch was held on the stage of the Princess Theatre. This provided the group bookers with an insight into the unique experience provided by the show, especially when combined with the live folk band who previewed a number of the songs. Plus, an appearance and performance by Glen Hansard, the original male lead and composer of the music for the movie, allowed these important clients an insight behind the scenes.

For a show like Once, replicating the spirit of the show is incredibly important because it is uniquely different from the average musical. While the producers would love these group bookers to bring all their friends, families, workplaces and community groups along, they also want to make sure that these word-of-mouth influencers get to the right people. The people who will enjoy this new style of musical.

This show appears to have a much wider demographic than most musicals encouraging people rarely seen in musical theatre audiences to give it a go. And this was especially well captured by a review in the promotional video . . . ‘Even my husband loved it!’

If that isn’t enough to sell a show, then I don’t know what is.

To find out more about Melbourne’s newest musical Once, visit www.oncemusical.com.au and get ready to buy tickets on the well-chosen date of March 17. Yes, what better day could be chosen to release tickets for a Dublin pub-based musical than St. Patrick’s Day!