‘Razzle Dazzle’ Your Next Function

There is a reason why Chicago is the third longest-running show on Broadway. Actually, I take that back. There are a number of reasons. And I have just found an incredibly important one.


Broadway is highly focussed on the ‘new’. Whether it is new performers, new theatres or new shows, there is a strong focus on any new neighbours along the Great White Way. As a result, it can be very easy for these long-running shows to get lost in a sea of new offerings – especially since consumers are trained to look for novel stimulus.

When it comes to finding a case study for surviving amidst all these new shows, it is hard to look past Chicago. And I just stumbled upon another clever strategy to maintain their position on the long-running leader board and maybe even make it into second place next year!

You can hire Chicago!

To jazz up corporate functions, promotional events or even your next birthday party (if you are a rich multi-millionaire), you can hire members from the ‘Cellophane Company’ to come and perform selections from the musical.

Performances can range from a 10 minute performance through to a 40 minute selection featuring 16 cast and 8 musical numbers. And this special cast will perform fully staged and costumed versions of All That Jazz, We Both Reached For The Gun, Hot Honey Rag and many others.

Granted, it isn’t going to be cheap. I don’t think there is any amount of saving that would allow me to hire the cast of Chicago for my next function. But Chicago is already an appealing option for people looking at cheap tickets.

It is the well-to-do theatre goers who Chicago needs to get through the door. Theatre goers who won’t be swayed by the appearance of the hilarious Sofia Vergara as Matron ‘Mama’ Morton. People who see all the new offerings every year.

By appearing at these private functions as Broadway-themed entertainment, Chicago is given the special opportunity to remind people why they should come back and see this musical which has stood the test of time. And through their presentation as entertainment they will be able to get a lot more attention at these functions than any billboard advertising in the overly crowded Times Square.

Excuse me while I go and start saving for my next birthday party . . .