Why You Can’t Take Yourself Too Seriously!

There are many different types of industries and they can be roughly divided into two groups. Those who are happy to make fun of themselves and those who must be taken seriously at all times. Guess which side gets better PR?

barack obama

Of course, some industries need to be taken seriously all the time. Medical advertising that was making fun of itself probably wouldn’t go down very well. But that doesn’t mean that this approach works for everybody.

Take Barack Obama for example. Serious political advertising doesn’t work on younger generations. Most of us do not care because we have been brought up with the idea that whoever is elected will always leave everybody disappointed and wishing they had voted in their competitor.

In order to cut through this stigma, Barack Obama (and his publicity team) decided to try a different angle.

By getting him on a fake talk-show with Zach Galifianakis called Between Two Ferns, this promotional material managed to get through the existing barriers younger generations have towards political advertising. The light-hearted medium also allowed him to show the audience that he is up-to-date and can hold his own when Zach Galifianakis tried to undermine him. And it has currently reached 15 million people in three days!

(P.S. I have no doubt the whole video was highly scripted, but it still worked as millions of people were talking about it, the video received coverage across all major news channels and countless memes have been created and shared throughout social media)

The same thing happens in other industries. What is it that gets better coverage?

Serious news reporting on the football or the variety footy shows.

Perfectly reported weather reports or the segments that don’t quite go to plan.

Original songs or the viral internet covers.

There, of course, needs to be a balance. An industry cannot survive purely on light-hearted communications, but at the same time their importance must not be forgotten especially when it comes to reaching younger generations and getting through their filters!