Laughing Away The Risk!

Why did the chicken cross the road? Who knows, but he sure knew a thing or two about publicity because everyone is talking about him!

The Melbourne International Comedy Festival is opening later this week. And as has become a tradition, last night played host to a number of comedians giving up their time to perform to a packed Palais Theatre in order to raise money for Oxfam through the Comedy Festival Gala. While they may not have been paid with money . . . they certainly received another (more important) payment for performing last night.


There is a wealth of information available on the shows during the Comedy Festival. A significantly sized brochure detailing all the acts. The Comedy Festival website. A huge board outlining the night’s entertainment outside Melbourne Town Hall. And thousands of flyers circulating through interested audiences.

But among the 489 acts that will be hitting the stage, it can be a little difficult to stand out if your name isn’t Dave Hughes.

And that is why this Oxfam Comedy Gala is so important!

Not only does it succeed in raising funds for many communities in need across underdeveloped parts of the world and encourage awareness through the huge audiences that tune into the Comedy Festival. It also acts as a kind of video brochure aiding potential audiences make up their mind about their Comedy Festival visits.

There is a bit of risk involved in engaging with the up-and-coming comedians at the Comedy Festival. Granted, the tickets are cheap so there isn’t much financial risk. But there is time risk – especially when the time invested in one comedian could have easily been used to see one of the other hundreds of offerings.

By performing a couple of minutes from their Comedy Festival shows at the Gala, each performer gets an opportunity to decrease this risk.

Of course, comedy will never please everyone, but the large audience at the Palais Theatre and on their couch at home will get the opportunity to see a taster of many shows. Some may appeal and some may not appeal. But for many Comedy Festival attendees, taking that gamble on a new comedian is now much less risky. This means that when they usually would have chickened out, there is now a much higher chance that they will engage as they have seen some of their work from the show and enjoyed it.

And as a result, audiences go through the roof!

The Melbourne International Comedy Festival opens this Wednesday 26th March and continues through until the 20th April with performances at a huge range of venues throughout Melbourne. And as is often the case in a highly crowded marketplace of 489 competitors, some very clever marketing is created to stand out from the pack.

So buckle up and get ready to bear witness to some of the cleverest comedy marketing over the next month!

To explore the latest offerings at the Melbourne International Comedy Festival, head to their website: