Rewarding Your Biggest Fans!

She has conquered the Australian market with her catchy pop tunes. She has dominated the American market with her starring role in The Sapphires. And now it is time for Jess Mauboy to take over Europe!


It is no secret that Australians love Eurovision. The song contest has been screened on SBS for over thirty years and last year’s final was watched by over 2.9 million Australians. And every year discussion about the infectiously cheesy competition covers Facebook walls, Twitter profiles and water cooler conversations.

And now Australia’s love of Eurovision has been recognised.

To reward their most enthusiastic fans outside the European Union, Eurovision has invited Australian singer Jess Mauboy to perform as a guest artist. This is a completely new position which will make her the first performer to represent a country outside Europe.

While many Australians will be cheering her on from their living rooms, unfortunately she isn’t eligible to take out the top prize. But it does suggest some clever marketing from the Eurovision team.

For many years Australians have shown their support for the enormous event, but have never been included. By encouraging an Australian performer to take centre stage during the interval entertainment of the second Semi-Final, the Eurovision organisers are creating a relationship with all Australian viewers.

This move will certainly solidify the relationship with die-hard fans of Eurovision who will now certainly be tuning in to see Australia’s first performance. But it also has the effect of increasing the already sizeable audience.

Inviting Jess Mauboy to perform begins to cultivate a relationship with other Australian pop music fans who previously haven’t watched Eurovision. And when you think about it, these are the perfect audience for the show. This market enjoys the pop genre of music which largely dominates the country entries. They love their live music performances. And they are always on the lookout for the latest new music.

So it is about time that these people were sent an invitation to get involved. And by inviting Jess Mauboy, all these potential new audiences have just been sent an invitation through the media to tune into the musical extravaganza.

It always pays to know where your biggest fans come from. Because through them, you can reach out to a whole new (but similar) demographic who will surely also love your product. So expect SBS to go into meltdown this year on May 10 when Jessica Mauboy takes centre stage in this unique first ever relationship-building performance!