Revamping an Album Launch . . . Disco Style!

Launches are pretty exclusive events. Often reserved for the media and significant donors. But what if the doors were opened for everyone? That is what Tim Campbell is doing for the launch of his latest album High School Disco.

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The idea of a launch is to build up some anticipation and gain lots of media coverage by giving these exclusive individuals a preview of the new album, musical or show before anyone else. But the idea of media is changing.

Especially when reaching out to younger generations, the traditional media routes aren’t necessarily the most powerful. Social mediums such as Facebook and Twitter have allowed us to go straight to the source for current news updates and single out the areas in which we are interested.

If you are interested in the latest music news then you probably aren’t going to ‘like’ QANTAS Facebook page. And if you only want to be informed about your favourite artists then you will go straight to their Twitter feeds and follow their latest updates. The same goes for friends. We generally group together with people who have shared interests, so we follow what they are saying because it will be relevant to our areas of interest.

Hence, maybe the traditional media outlets aren’t the most powerful medium for spreading word about the latest song launch. But then what is?

Tim Campbell is about to release his new album High School Disco. And rather than just confining the launch to a select crowd of media outlets, he has opened it up to anyone and everyone who wants to attend by holding a free concert at Federation Square on Friday 4th April.

Clever idea? I think so.

Hype still builds for this event – it is just now building in a much bigger group of people who are incredibly interested in the release. Lots of interested fans will turn up – people who will share the event on social media with their friends and followers who, most likely, have similar interests to them and will probably love the new album.

Most importantly, any media coverage not only features the talented on-stage performance but now also shows off how much everyone else loves the new album. And hoards of screaming fans are a great way to convince potential new audience members that they had better go out and buy the album (or even book tickets to the upcoming tour).

So if you are free on Friday 4th April, head down to the amphitheatre at Federation Square (opposite St. Paul’s Cathedral) for a FREE concert from 5pm to launch Tim Campbell’s new High School Disco. As if that wasn’t enough, all proceeds from the album sales that night go to the RSPCA Victoria!

To find out more information about the exclusive event, click here.