The Greenroom Project: Meet the Guest Performers

As The Greenroom Project heads into its second season up on the Gold Coast, the five up-and-coming guest performers have been announced for the first show of 2014. I was given the opportunity to get to know a bit more about each of these performers and why an opportunity to participate in The Greenroom Project is so important.

the greenroom project 2014

Having wowed the judges through a series of auditions, William Hinz, Emily Hosking, Julliette Marshall-Hughes, Stevie Mac and Jo DeGoldi will all get a chance to show off their talents in a series of cabaret performances at the first show for this year. And while they are all coming together to perform at The Arts Centre Gold Coast, they come from a huge variety of backgrounds and will be bringing diverse themes to their performances.

The night of performances will be influenced by the comical shows of Tim Minchin and contemporary New York-based musical theatre composers Jason Robert Brown and Scott Alan combined with the current experiences each of the performers are going through. Whether that is trying to crack into the Australian performance industry, the people they surround themselves with or simply returning to the city after many years spent studying in the country, the rich tapestry each performer draws from will result in a huge variety of performances.

Despite this variety, all the finalists have the similar aspiration of securing a place in the incredibly tight-knit theatre industry. Jo DeGoldi’s aim is to return to touring musicals through Australia’s embracing audiences while William Hinz has set his goal much further away from home looking for a step into the heart of musical theatre, New York. Amongst the five performers there are also other aspirations from getting their own musical works produced to securing opportunities to grow as performers.

These ambitious aspirations would not be made possible without initiatives such as The Greenroom Project which is becoming widely recognised as an outlet for up-and-coming Australian talent. And talking to each of the performers, there is great appreciation for this program. Emily Hosking is relishing the opportunity “bring these songs that we sing over and over in our bedrooms to a stage, in front of an audience who appreciate this beloved style of music” while Julliette Marshall-Hughes is appreciative of The Greenroom Project “giving young budding performers the opportunity to showcase their talents to a wider audience”.

Queensland is certainly a growing market in Australia creating a great appreciation for musical offerings. With The Lion King just announcing a stopover in Brisbane and many other touring musicals making Brisbane one of the first to see new shows, it is the time to build the platforms for young performers to make their mark on the Australian scene through The Greenroom Project.

But there is a greater importance to The Greenroom Project. It is enjoyed not only as a stepping stone into a performance career, but as an important key bringing together the musical theatre community. Being mentored by experienced Australian artists is something that all the finalists are looking forward to and for William Hinz it is just great to be surrounded by a bunch of people who understand the difficulties of breaking into the industry.

I cannot sum up the importance of initiatives like this one better than finalist Stevie Mac. When asked what The Greenroom Project meant for up-and-coming performers, he responded “It gives a reason for people to put themselves out there and offers inspiration for writers. It’s the best opportunity anyone can be given for cabaret!

These five up-and-comers will be performing at The Arts Centre Gold Coast on Monday 7th April alongside special guest mentor Anne Wood (Mamma Mia!, Dirty Rotten Scoundrels, The Beauty and the Beast). For more information about the show and to book tickets, visit:

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