Your Best Advocates Are Closer Than You Think

Most organisations spend their time with an outwards focus. How can I create a product that my customers will love? What can I do to make sure that they are satisfied? Truly extraordinary organisations have this outwards focus. But what makes them truly extraordinary is the fact that they also aim to satisfy their employees.


Think about every conversation you have ever had. Often they start with a polite ‘Hi. How are you?’ and then progress onto the question ‘How is work going?’ or ‘What are you up to at work?’. While I’m not suggesting that this is an opportunity for promotion, it certainly doesn’t help your brand when you employees are complaining about their work. But imagine what it would do if they sung your praises?

Among these truly extraordinary companies is Disney and this week they have found out the benefit of employees singing their praise. I literally mean singing!

Disney announced a new Brisbane stopover in their Australian tour of The Lion King and this announcement involved a small cast of the performers flying up to Brisbane for press activities. On their way back down to Sydney, where the show is currently playing, they were overcome with Disney spirit and did an impromptu performance of the massive hit Circle of Life for the lucky passengers on Virgin Australia flight 0970. You can check out the video here:

This video was uploaded to the Disney on Broadway YouTube page yesterday. And since that time it has been seen by almost 4.3 million people. But keep in mind that the Disney on Broadway page only has 50,000 subscribers. Out of the 4.3 million people, only 45,000 were alerted to this new video by Disney. Since that point it has been shared around social media to such an extent that it has reached another 4,250,000 people.

That’s a pretty good return on the original 50,000!

And as if that wasn’t a great result anyway, to give you some perspective, most of the other videos on this worldwide channel have only racked up views of between 50,000 and 100,000. Even the preview of the new highly-anticipated Aladdin has only been seen 96,000 times.

We are always told that it is bad publicity that spreads fast, but with this new The Lion King video, there is nothing but a positive message behind the performance. So why has it gone viral so quickly? And that is thanks to the spokespeople (well, spokesingers) in the video.

The performers themselves are so enamoured with the show they are performing that, rather than distance themselves from their work, they are quite happy to burst into song in their everyday life. And that is a much more powerful endorsement than a message coming from fans of the show or the PR machine at Disney.

(Plus, it hasn’t hurt the Virgin Australia brand either who will be attracting many musical theatre diehards on the off-chance that more casts are touring and giving sneak-previews on flights!)