Breaking Your Own Rules

One of the hits from this year’s season of musicals is the Carole King bio-musical Beautiful. But despite the rave reviews and the musical being produced with Carole King’s full co-operation, the infamous songstress has stated that she will not be seeing the show. And then last Thursday, this happened . . .


Beautiful follows the life of Carole King from her childhood through to reaching the status as one of the defining female voices of her generation. While the show was created with the full co-operation and endorsement of the singer, Carole King stated in previous interviews that she would not be seeing the show because the experience of reliving her marriage to former writing partner Gerry Goffin would be too hard to bear.

However, she was clearly won over by the frenzy created from the musical because on Thursday night she attended the show for the very first time.

This alone was enough to create some great publicity for the already popular show since Carole King’s refusal to attend has become inextricably linked with Beautiful. But then she gave the show just the review it needed.

During a fundraiser for Broadway Cares/Equity Fights Aids, Carole King surprised the cast and the audience walking onto stage in the middle of the auction. She addressed the concerns that she had coming into the show but then provided a review which will be joining the show circling the press rounds . . . ‘It was Effing Awesome!’.

As if this show needed any help selling tickets anyway!

While it is always a big deal for the inspiration of a musical to attend the show, Carole King’s previous statements about steering clear of her painful memories have only fuelled this appearance and created a much bigger event. An event so big that it has been featured in newspapers across the world (including Australia’s The Age) and has been doing the circles on global social media.

There is certainly something to be said for breaking your own rules. In this case, it set expectations so low that Carole King would ever see the show that everybody absolutely lost it when she finally joined the audience.

Check out the video below – not only did she watch the show, walk on stage and then provide a phenomenal review, but she also sang a song with the cast!