Creating a trans-Tasman market.

After it has made stops in Adelaide, Perth and overseas, the Australian production of Grease is truly going down under to our Southern-most city . . . Tasmania. While only for five shows, the full professional cast will head down to give the Tasmanians a taste of what Melbournians take for granted. But I think there is more to it!


When it comes to Australian big budget musicals, the stops often only include Melbourne and Sydney (and Brisbane if it is incredibly well received!). But John Frost has announced that Grease will be heading down to Tasmania later this year for a short five performance tour through the often forgotten state.

This is a great opportunity for musical fans in Tasmania to see the musicals without the extra costs of travelling up to Melbourne (maybe they can save that money and come and see one of John Frost’s other shows this year?). But bringing the limited run production down to Tasmania also creates another effect.

Despite the small size of Tasmania, the entire population will not be able to fit into five performances. So the people who will most likely end up with the highly-sought tickets are the passionate fans who are refreshing their screens at 9.00am the morning of the presales.

While this deprives most of the population of the popular production, holding the performances down there lets word of mouth spread through the community.

You may be thinking – “What good is that? Why create positive word of mouth when there aren’t enough performances to reap the benefits?”. And you would be right if it weren’t for a reprise of the Melbourne season.

It is rather reasonable, both price and distance-wise, to expect that Tasmanians could travel to Melbourne this December for a short holiday that features a performance of Grease. So by creating this positive word of mouth (and making sure that Tasmania is included with the rest of the country so they feel like valued customers) the production will reap the benefits later in the Melbourne season.

And if they enjoy travelling up for Grease they may travel up for some of the other great productions hitting Melbourne this year. (Or, hopefully, the reception in Tasmania will be so overwhelming that touring productions may stop there more often!).