Taking A Chance On Me

Among the masses of live entertainment offerings in New York, it can be very difficult to get the huge tourist trade to take a chance on a show, concert, performance or sports match. But Mamma Mia! has a solution.

Source: Mamma Mia!

Source: Mamma Mia!

Mamma Mia! has been a Broadway standard for over 12 years now. And while it is a popular show with incredibly popular ABBA music, in some ways it is more difficult to get people through the doors than with a brand new offering.

Of course there is highly decreased risk because it has been successful for so long and everybody already knows they will enjoy the music. But with relatively new skyrocketing phenomenal shows like Pippin, Beautiful and Aladdin, there is plenty of competition!

So how do you get around this?

There are a number of options, all of which Mamma Mia! has used to their advantage including an abnormal performance schedule so that you can grab audiences on a Monday night or Thursday matinee when there is greatly reduced competition.

But my favourite is the atmosphere they have set up at the theatre. Rather than presenting themselves as high art where the audience must sit quietly and observe the masterpiece being played in front of them, Mamma Mia! is much more informal.

Audience members sing along to their favourite ABBA songs during the show. There are plenty of moments for clapping along with the songs. And there is the expectation that during the reprise, where the leads come out in appropriately bedazzled ABBA jumpsuits, that the audience gets up to dance along with the performers.

I know that theatre traditionalists will strongly disagree with me – but it is awesome!

Through these methods of audience involvement, members of the audience actively communicate their enjoyment throughout the performance. And this only further enhances the experience for everyone through the creation of an electric atmosphere!

And this style of interactive entertainment is front and centre for all their marketing and promotional material as well. Every promotional video features the final scenes of the show where audiences of all ages are standing up and grooving along with the cast.

What a great way to decrease risk for any potential theatre-goers who are new to seeing live performance and are worried that they aren’t high-brow enough!

But if that isn’t enough to decrease risk and get people through the door, there is always the slogan: Mamma Mia! – You Already Know You Are Gonna Love It!