Making a Big Impression

New York is famous as a melting pot for all different musical offerings. And while that is great for the development of new musical styles, it can certainly be a pain if you want to stand out above all the noise. But in order to solve this problem it is time to turn to the Scots!

Hannah Read, Eric Robertson & Emma Beaton

Hannah Read, Eric Robertson & Emma Beaton

This month, New York’s Bryant Park is hosting two scaled down sculptures of Scotland’s famous Kelpie statues to celebrate Scotland Week and its ties with Scottish-American citizens. To further emphasise this connection, there have been a number of small concerts in the park for passers-by on their lunchbreak featuring Scottish music inspired by the huge statues.

As part of the program, two up-and-coming talented Scottish musicians were featured yesterday in Bryant Park. Violinist, guitarist and singer Hannah Read, in a trio with Eric Robertson and Emma Beaton, and singer Maureen McMullan. It was an awesome concert featuring some great original and traditional Scottish music – check these guys out on social media to keep up with what they are doing, you won’t regret it!

But as equally impressive as the performances was their strategy to create a lasting impression with the sizeable audience which had gathered throughout the performance.

As part of the Scottish celebrations, a Scottish designer had been commissioned to design some beautiful dresses inspire by Scotland and the Kelpie statues. During the last number from Hannah Read’s trio these dresses were displayed by a number of women wandering around the crowd giving out stunningly wrapped little cylindrical packages covered in some of the specially designed patterns.

Inside each of these packages was a rolled up piece of paper bearing a pictures of the Kelpies and the following message:

This is a love note to you.
Thank you for Smiling.
Thank you for Spring.
Thank you for Sweetness.
Thank you for Transformation.
Have a very nice day, now.


This little package to thank the audience wouldn’t have cost much money at all. But in the incredibly over-crowded marketplace it is certainly a meaningful way to stand out above the crowd. I know it certainly made an impression on me and encouraged me to interact further with the organisation on social media.

It doesn’t take much to make a big impression!