You Ain’t Never Had a Brand Like Me

As brands grow and expand into new markets there is often a fear that quality will dissipate. And in most cases this is true, but not with the Disney brand. For many decades the Disney brand has moved from opportunity to opportunity without damaging its brand. Why? Brand Consistency.


When you engage with the Disney brand, all consumers enter with a number of expectations. Good customer service. Cheery employees. The creation of a whole new world. And the key to maintaining customer satisfaction is making sure that these expectations are met (if not exceeded).

And this is a great strength of the Disney brand.

While consumers enter with these expectations, as it expands and grows, every aspect of the Disney brand manages to maintain the same expectations.

The employees at Disney parks, for example, are always dressed in the same style of uniform that has been slightly modified for their respective jobs. This attention to detail in dressing has actually made its way to New York with the Disney productions. Ticket checkers and ushers are all dressed in the ‘Disney way’ stereotypical of the employees at DisneyWorld which gives consumers entering the theatre the same confidence in the show that they hold for the quality of the rest of the brand.

This detail even continues down to the name badges. It is exactly the same as their other offerings!

But this brand consistency isn’t limited to peripheral services outside the product. And if there is one area of the Disney experience which carries the highest expectations it is the actual product itself.

Disney is renowned for wowing its audiences regardless of their age. So every production, movie, theme park ride, animation and musical needs to have this defining quality. Mary Poppins has the moment when Mary bids farewell to the children and flies over the audience. The Lion King has the recreation of the Savannah in ‘Circle of Life’ as the animals make their way down the aisles.

And Aladdin has the moment when the magic carpet flies.

I went into the experience with the expectation of seeing some wires holding up the flying magic carpet in ‘A Whole New World’. But I couldn’t see ANY! And the carpet flew all over the stage.

That is the wow moment. Regardless of your age, unless you are initiated into the secret stage craft that goes on backstage for the flying carpet, this is the defining wow moment that the audience is waiting for in a Disney product.

And it is a necessary part of the experience. Audiences know that they are going to have an experience which defies belief when dealing with the Disney brand, and in order to maintain their brand potency, each product must deliver this consistency.

If there is one brand that is leading the way . . . it is Disney. And their emphasis on brand consistency only contributes to this legendary status!