‘Bridge’-ing the Gap to Reach the Tourists

It is well-known that a large majority of Broadway audiences come from the tourist trade and Bridges of Madison County is looking to reach out to these tourists before they come to New York with their latest marketing strategy.


There is nothing that ignites the travel bug quicker than watching all your friends take your dream holiday. I don’t know about you, but the catalyst for organising my trip to New York was because a lot of my friends had just recently done the same trip. And if there is one thing we all hate – it is that feeling of being left out!

This suggests that it is possible to reach future tourists through the current set of tourists engaging with a certain offering because it might inspire their friends to come and do the same thing.

To take advantage of these potential future markets, Bridges of Madison County has come up with a great marketing strategy . . . Postcards.

Buying something at the production’s gift shop suggests that you are a rather invested and passionate customer. Whether it is a program, a fridge magnet, a poster or a t-shirt, these are most likely the group of customers who will be your best advocates. So why not give them a means through which they can advocate your product to their friends with similar interests?

That is exactly what Bridges of Madison County is doing.

Each purchase at the gift shop is accompanied by a Bridges of Madison County branded postcard. Just like your regular postcard, except instead of a picture of the New York skyline or the Empire State Building, this one features the Bridges of Madison County promotional poster on the front.

And there is one thing that every traveller must do – send postcards to their nearest and dearest.

Of course, when confronted with 300 different views of the place where you are currently staying on the postcard rack you are going to choose options which have meaning to the people who will receive them. So this Bridges of Madison County postcard will be used on a friend or family member who has a passion for theatre and will get extra meaning out of the special postcard.

While, at the same time, it will also be a great advertisement for the show if (like me) the postcard recipient’s travel bug has also been ignited.

The only thing they could do differently? Give one to everybody. Put it in the Playbills that are handed out to all attendees because that way, even if they don’t decide to use it, it will be a great momento for audience members to keep as a reminder of their great experience!