Badges of Honour

Ticket Lotteries are becoming common place on Broadway and throughout the world. Incredibly popular shows are implementing this great way to raffle off remaining tickets for discounted prices at the last minute. But some shows are taking it a step further and turning it into a great opportunity for promotion.

For those who haven’t participated in one before, a ticket lottery is a way for theatres to sell unsold tickets at the last minute. A couple of hours before a performance, people who haven’t got tickets for that night’s performance but still want to see it turn up to the theatre and their names are put in a hat/barrel/bag/suitably-show-related-vessel. A number of names (determined by the theatre due to how many tickets they want to give away) are drawn out of the hat and the winners are given access to highly discounted tickets.

Depending on the show these tickets can be restricted view, in the unsold boxes, or right up the front in the first couple of rows. But regardless of their location, these ticket lotteries always create a great event! The Book of Mormon ticket lottery draws hundreds of people for every performance.

There is just one problem . . . while the winners feel ecstatic and indebted to the production, winning the ticket lottery is intangible. Until now . . .

I was fortunate enough to win some tickets at the Kinky Boots ticket lottery this week and they have come up with a great solution to this problem.

All winners get a badge! But not just any badge, a specially designed ‘I won the Kinky Boots lottery’ badge.

This turns the ticket lottery intangibility into a tangible prize that can be used by the winners to lord over their friends and create extra promotion for the production. Plus, it also encourages other people to give the ticket lottery a go – and there is nothing more affirming about a production than having hundreds of people turn up to your front doors every day like The Book of Mormon.

It creates its own publicity AND encourages repeat business for audience members who may not want to pay another $150 to see the show again.

Sounds like a win-win to me. And all for the price of one badge!