Baking Your Way To The Top

It appears that the theatre market isn’t the only overcrowded industry in New York. On every corner there are a number of pizza joints, cafés, bakeries and various other food outlets. But one company has come up with an idea to stand out above this veritable smorgasbord of competitors (pun intended!).


Copyright: Village Voice

Schmackary’s Cookies is a rather recent addition to the food market in New York. Opening its first bricks-and-mortar store in 2012, this food outlet specialises in making a whole range of delicious cookies. But among the huge range of bakeries, pizza shops, cafés and Starbucks, this brand has managed to gain a hard core and dedicated following.


Because it picked a manageable market and dominated it!

Being located near the heart of the theatre district, Schmackary’s Cookies have managed to cultivate a following from the incredibly loyal theatre market by linking their brand with Broadway.

This has been achieved through a number of initiatives such as; creating special show-inspired cookies (currently featuring Broadway newcomer Rocky), teaming up with Broadway stars to raise money for Broadway Cares and, my personal favourite, creating a cookie delivery service to all of your favourite Broadway shows.

While some people might send roses or chocolates to their favourite performers, Schmackary’s allows fans to send a selection of cookies. They also often send a personalised selection to shows on opening and closing nights. And these efforts lead to lots of positive word of mouth through social media forums from huge influencers within the theatrical community which then alerts all their fans to this great store – I know that was how I found out about them! (And as I am currently in New York I visited their store, and am currently trying to curb my addiction – they are delicious).

By focussing on dominating this market, Schmackary’s managed to stand out above the noise from all the other eateries and establish themselves as an incredibly strong brand in a very short time. Maybe there is something to be said for not spreading yourself too thin!