The Economy Prince

The Royals are in the news cycle again. But it isn’t for anything undignified like a tell-all interview about a spouse or a controversial choice of headwear. It is, in fact, for something truly normal.

Prince William in Economy Class

Prince William in Economy Class

Journeying back home to Kate and George, Prince William chose to fly in coach from Memphis to Dallas after attending the wedding of an old friend. Okay, it’s not exactly a front page headline like the issues going on in Kenya, but it is certainly a different view of the Royal brand.

In a time when removing Royals would make sense as we don’t highly value the notion of royalty anymore, William, Harry and Kate are exactly what is needed to salvage the brand. They are part of the Royal brand but they are the complete antithesis to the brand of their predecessors. And this works because the public have actually moved on from the old brand proving that complete reinvention of an outdated brand is actually possible!

The choice to fly in economy with the rest of the normal people has exploded over social media prompting a whole range of positive commentary.

‘I am still amazed that Prince William flies COACH. That’s pretty humble/awesome. Who knew?

‘He’s as down to earth and connected to other people as his mom vs the older royals’

But there is a reason why this move is so powerful for the brand . . . and it is money. The market isn’t great at the moment and all consumers are rather possessive over their money. Unfortunately, high up people in the public service are often not seen caring about this precious resource in the same way as the general public.

By showing Prince William in a position where he is seen to have the same values as the masses, as an ambassador he immediately becomes more relatable. And when we can relate with an ambassador we retain a much more positive view of their product (Royalty).

This is not the first time we have seen such ‘normal’ action from this generation of the Royals – cue the naked Prince Harry footage from Las Vegas – and it won’t be the last. But if this brand is to survive with the current generations who weren’t brought up with the same Royal regard then the less Royal they behave, the more popular they will become!