Why the Disney freeze still isn’t thawing!

It has been almost six months since the release of Disney’s behemoth Frozen. But where many movies would have lost their places on the New Releases shelves at video stores and shopping centres, Frozen is casting an icy spell over millions. And for one very good reason!

Frozen: A Horror Movie  Credit: Popdust

Frozen: A Horror Movie
Credit: Popdust

Selling 3.2 million DVDs on the first day of sale, grossing in excess of $110 million on the opening weekend, spawning the creation of a new Disney musical and inspiring countless parodies across the internet, this movie shows no signs of slowing. And today is no different with the release of two new Frozen developments.

Firstly, the Frozen trailer has been re-edited by a YouTuber to truly answer the question ‘What if Frozen was a horror film?’ Complete with menacing soundtrack and sure to keep any child who loved the original up at night, this video has gone viral across the internet and currently sits at 5,200,000 views in just over a week.

Secondly, America’s ABC (a subsidiary of Disney) has announced that one of the film’s leading ladies will appear in the latest series of the fairy tale-centric show Once Upon A Time. Appearing amongst the stars of more traditional fairy tales such as Cinderella, Rumplestiltskin, Snow White, Belle and her Beast, The Wicked Witch and Prince Charming, the inclusion of Elsa has continued to fuel the powerful Frozen brand.

So what is this one good reason?

Seeing the same stimulus over and over again can lead to brand wear-out. This is basically a point at which we tune out and no longer take any notice of the brand because we have seen it way too many times. By all accounts, Frozen should have reached this point by now. But it hasn’t. In fact, that point doesn’t even seem to be on the horizon.

It seems that reinvention is the key to maintaining the power of this brand. No longer are audiences exposed to the same promotional material about Frozen. Every time we hear about this huge movie, it is through a new channel, a new format or because interested audience members have taken it upon themselves to reinvent and place their own spin on the material.

The dedicated fans of the movie certainly played an important role in reinventing the media surrounding Frozen, but it has not been without the suggestive hand of Disney encouraging this reinvention. While fans have been reinventing, Disney has also been doing the same thing. They released an alternate version of the main song, this one sung by pop star Demi Lovato. They created an all-singing and dancing video with some of the stars providing an insight into the making of Frozen (although it had a rather disappointing ending). Idina Menzel, who played Elsa, appeared on the Jimmy Fallon show singing a cover of her own song using comical toy instruments. And the list goes on and on.

Each time audiences were exposed to the Frozen brand they received a new experience because the exposure was completely new. And the result is a lasting positive impression where audiences cannot wait to see what the next instalment will hold.

(Of course, the Adele Dazeem publicity also helped. But Disney can’t take credit for everything, that was pure John Travolta!)