Building a 30-day Relationship

A Great Big World are one of the big success stories of the last year in the music industry. After having one of their songs featured on Glee, they rocketed further into stardom after Christina Aguilera teamed up with the duo to re-record their hit song ‘Say Something’ which has since reached triple platinum status and sold over 3 million copies. And now they have a new promotional strategy . . .


Daily vlogs are a common thing on the internet since the arrival of YouTube. People all around the world are taking time to record exciting and mundane things that happen during their day and share them all around the world. Unsurprisingly, they are enjoying the same success as the reality television industry providing people with an insight into other people’s more exciting lives.

In an attempt to further build their relationship with the channel’s 266,605 followers, A Great Big World are borrowing a strategy from these YouTube vloggers and completing the ’30 videos in 30 days’ challenge.

Here is the premise. For the month of June, every day will feature the upload of a new video. So far, followers have received a sneak peek behind the scenes of their latest music video ‘Almost Home’ showing these interested audience members what a day in the life is like for A Great Big World. This new format is certainly a lot more interesting and engaging than the ‘Day in the life’ segments that I used to read in D-Mag or K-Zone as a kid. (And the celebrity appearances of Darren Criss and Jessica Szohr will be of great assistance in providing extra value and incentive for audience members to watch today’s video and tune in tomorrow).

Over the next twenty-eight days there will be a whole range of videos released. There could be more behind the scenes tours. There could be more ‘Day in the life’ opportunities. There could be sneak previews from further musical developments. And there could be many other journeys that the popular pair will take viewers on.

As corny as that word is due to reality television, the beauty of this daily content strategy lies in the journey.

These videos could be released every fortnight and create engaging content for an entire year, but they have decided to concentrate this content on a single month. And there is method behind this uploading madness. At the end of the month, viewers who have followed them throughout the thirty videos will have picked up all different valuable experiences. They will learn more about the pair, be exposed to some sneak peeks of new information and will see what it is like to be A Great Big World.

For one month, A Great Big World will become part of these fans’ daily routines. Whether they are actively looking for content or just checking for new videos on the channels to which they have subscribed, there will be an opportunity to get a daily dose of A Great Big World which ultimately secures their place in the individual audience member’s journey over the month of June.

But it isn’t only the current fans who will take value from this challenge. Since all these videos will be saved on their YouTube channel, new fans can track back along their previously uploaded history and take the journey at any time they join the brand providing an opportunity for initiation into the brand while having a valuable experience getting a behind the scenes view.

It may be an awful lot of work to create thirty high quality videos to upload in the space of a month, but the benefits will certainly abound for this band when their music and influence forms a crucial part of their current and future fans’ musical experiences. All leading to a very bright future for A Great Big World.