UNDERGROUND is going national!

I promised you a big announcement about Melbourne dance party Underground. And here it is . . . After being a smash success within Melbourne’s dance scene for several years, Paul Malek’s Underground is going national during 2014 touring through Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane.


One of the big accomplishments of this dance party has been its ability to attract a much wider audience outside the dance community which has ultimately led to its success as a show and further solidified the important role of dance within Melbourne culture. With Melbourne firmly under its belt, the next step for Underground is to take this platform to a national scale where it can unite the dance community in each of these capital cities and create more great performance opportunity for dance troupes across the east coast of Australia.

“This is something that I have wanted to do since the very beginning. We have now signed a deal with Hi-Fi Bar which has venues in Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane and we will be running events across all three of their venues. It is an amazing, amazing partnership and we are very excited.

Brisbane is a place where the dance industry is at seed level, but it is getting watered so much it is about to explode into the biggest jungle of dancers. So we are thinking that Brisbane will very soon develop a dance industry similar to Melbourne. Sydney has got an amazing dance industry and the more opportunities we can give to all these incredible dancers, the better. We are so excited that Underground can appear in these cities and it also gives the opportunity for people to travel to different states to perform the pieces they showcased at their own state’s Underground, manage to get their own crews popular in different states and bring the entire Australian community together, not just a city!” – Paul Malek

Underground has played a key role in bringing new dancers and choreographers out of the woodwork while also attracting some of the biggest names in dance from Dancing with the Stars and So You Think You Can Dance. And ultimately, it is revolutionising the way we experience the dancing art form!

For more information on Underground visit: www.undergroundmelbourne.com or to see my interview with creator Paul Malek, click here.



WHEN: Saturday 2 August, 8:00pm

WHERE: The Hi-Fi Bar, Swanston Street, Melbourne

TICKETS: $25.00 – Bookings through http://www.thehifi.com.au



WHEN: Friday 8 August, 8:00pm

WHERE: The Hi-Fi Bar, West End, Brisbane

TICKETS: $25.00 – Bookings through http://www.thehifi.com.au



WHEN: Saturday 16 August, 8:00pm

WHERE: The Hi-Fi Bar, Entertainment Quarter, Sydney

TICKETS: $25.00 – Bookings through http://www.thehifi.com.au