The Ultimate in Crowd-Sourcing Entertainment

International phenomenon Coldplay took to the streets of Sydney this week to film the music video for their latest release ‘A Sky Full of Stars’. They created a video that has been seen over 2.6 million times in the last 72 hours as well as a very clever piece of consumer-centred marketing.


The latest Coldplay music video for ‘A Sky Full of Stars’ was shot this week on a street in Newtown, Sydney as lead singer Chris Martin walked down a busy street performing the song with his bandmates. But it was not the element of surprise which makes this video important, it was the complete opposite.

A call went out over the official Coldplay Twitter account on Monday for 250 extras who would like to star in their video which was being filmed on Tuesday morning. The first 250 to answer the call out got a starring role as part of the crowd which followed lead singer Chris Martin down the street. Check out the video here:

There are many clever things about this video but I’ll just pick two.


Rather than filming this video in a remote studio filled with tech guys and video cameras, this music video is much more accessible to the average person on the street at the time of filming. And there is one thing that the average person on the street loves to do . . . show off on social media!

If you watch the video closely you will see an inordinate number of smart phones snapping photos or recording video. Whether they are the intended 250 or surprised onlookers, the pictures and video still end up in the same place across social media with the owner bragging to all their friends about this amazing experience they in which they have been involved. However, the value doesn’t end there.

Once the official video has been released, it will be accompanied by more sharing as those invited extras and surprised onlookers find themselves in a Coldplay video clip and promote this new video to all their friends (who probably have similar tastes in music).

Saying Thank You

In case the screen time and experience wasn’t enough, Coldplay have taken the time to thank each of the registered participants at the end of the clip. Simply saying thank you makes these fans’ experience even more special as they are recognised by the band for giving up their morning to star in the video. Most people would take this opportunity regardless of any impending appreciation, but it enhances the experience none the less and gives participants who were only involved in the crowd at the end of the video some solid proof that they were involved. (And, of course, another reason to share the video with all of the participants’ networks)

While the video may not have been controlled as some others, involving the audience comes with a whole range of potential benefits which lead to greater and more effective spread throughout an interested community and more powerful brand ambassadors. A pretty clever idea for some fantastic free publicity!