Giving a Makeover to Social Media Marketing

There is a generalisation that all television audience members watch their TV with one eye also on their smart phone. This is not necessarily true. I, for one, only have another device going during the advertisements. So maybe there are better ways to interact with these sessional smart phone users? And I think that Offspring has found the winning strategy.

Offspring 2

Let me give you some background . . .

One of the themes in last week’s Offspring episode was the importance of presenting an appealing presence online. This focus was in relation to dating, but the same idea still stands for brand reputation in the online space. Something that the Offspring social media controllers understand very well!

In reviewing the Nina’s (the protagonist) Facebook page, her sister Billie remarks about the lack of interesting content she is sharing with the world. All that appears on her Facebook page are tagged baby shots posted by friends, condolence messages about her recently deceased husband, a shared video about goats that scream like humans (what a trend that was!) and one post that she had actually posted herself.

That post was a reminder to all her Facebook friends. ‘Bowel Cancer – Have you done your Bowel Cancer screening test?’ and a link to the Jodi Lee Foundation preventing Bowel Cancer. It was probably too quick to actually register any important information during the course of the episode, especially if you were caught up in her difficult love life, but the absurd nature of this sole personal post on her Facebook page was certainly memorable.

But what made it all the more memorable was what came next . . .

Taking advantage of its rather involved 190,000 Facebook fans, the Offspring page posted this update to their wall for all their followers to see:


Not only does it provide fans with a sense of déjà vu as they relieve the funny moment from the recent episode, but it provides these involved audience members with an enhanced experience with the show. They now have a special insight into the world of Offspring gaining a greater understanding of the crazy life led by the lead characters. And this creates a unique relationship with the show as what happens on their television screens suddenly gets just a touch more real.

That’s not the only benefit of this charitable promotion. A great advantage of choosing bowel cancer as the one personal post on Nina’s Facebook page is that it fits in with the character and the story while also relating to the audience. Nina is a paediatrician, hence very much concerned with health and making sure that her friends maintain their own health. Bowel Cancer can also strike anyone in the audience. Regardless of age, gender, socio-economic status or simply whether or not you watch Offspring, everyone is at risk of bowel cancer and the 5,000 lives it claims each year meaning that everyone in the audience can form a relationship with this promotion and it doesn’t alienate certain members.

But wait, there’s more . . . One last thing!

The power of the Offspring brand was also shown through this charitable partnership. In the last week since the episode aired, The Jodi Lee Foundation has increased its ‘likes’ by 20.3% resulting in roughly 1,800 likes on Wednesday night (when the episode aired) alone. That’s a 550% increase on the weekly number of likes – and not a bad figure at all.

Building a special relationship with your audience, raising their healthy awareness of bowel cancer, getting more people to take the test and giving some great publicity to a deserving charity, seems like a pretty great bit of marketing to me!