Rebranding Melbourne’s Theatre Scene

New York has Broadway, London has the West End . . . now Melbourne has the East End. To celebrate the ever increasing role that theatre is playing in Melbourne, the four major productions occupying our historic theatres came together on the steps of Parliament House for a celebration.

East End Melbourne Rebranding

There is a famous phrase in psychology: ‘The whole is greater than the sum of its parts’. It is, of course, referring to our ability to perceive more than just the individual elements of a picture. When we see any visual stimulus we don’t just see lines and splotches of colour, we are able to gain more than the individual elements of the picture. The same stands here!

The collective branding of Melbourne’s theatre district provides more value than the individual productions.

Rather than just promoting the arrival of Wicked or Les Misérables, grouping these theatres together into a district provides a collective weight that cannot be achieved individually. The name of the district brings up connotations of Broadway and West End and ultimately secures Melbourne’s place as an artistic city to be reckoned with.

To celebrate Melbourne’s capacity theatre productions Wicked, The Rocky Horror Show, The King and I and Les Misérables, the casts and behind-the-scenes workers came together today on the steps of Parliament House. Check out the photos below.