Why we haven’t forgotten the Commonwealth Games!

There are a number of elements within sports matches that cause commentary and controversy. The score, the teams, advertising links, the attractiveness of the players, bad calls and . . . uniforms. Fashion and sport have an interesting partnership – a connection which may be assisting publicity for this year’s Commonwealth Games.

commonwealth games

Who is actually aware that the Commonwealth Games is coming up? Not many people. Everyone is caught up in the hype of the World Cup (although I am less interested now that the team I received in the office pool – Ghana – has been eliminated!) and the recent Wimbledon finals and, unfortunately, the impending Commonwealth Games have been lost by the wayside.

However, amidst the World Cup biting controversy and the Clash of the Titans Wimbledon Men’s Final, the Commonwealth Games is still managing to get itself into the headlines.

And what is to thank for these moments of publicity? The uniforms.

As with the Olympics, the uniforms take pride of place during the Opening Ceremony which is broadcast around the world. These simple pieces of clothing are meant to be the symbolic representation of each country’s culture, people, values and traditions. That is a lot of pressure put on one outfit!

Every time the Australian outfit is released to the press it receives the wrath of the nation as the audiences are shocked by the interesting and alternative designs. I don’t actually mind this year’s Commonwealth Games outfit, but it was still the water cooler topic of choice making the front page of national newspapers.

The same thing has happened with the Scottish Commonwealth Games outfit today. Having recently been released to the world, the strange combination of bright blue and tartan has been met with bemusement from the global community and caused a range of jibes from Australian news outlets along the lines of; “If you thought the Australian Commonwealth Games uniform was bad, it isn’t a stitch on the host country’s design”.

But maybe this isn’t a bad thing.

While the Commonwealth Games have largely been forgotten, it is the shock over national uniforms that is getting the enormous sporting event back into the news cycle and back into the conversations of millions across the world.

Maybe these outfits are just what the Commonwealth Games and Olympics need? It is a great way to get people talking about the event, start to develop awareness and provide people with an incentive to get out of bed at 2am to watch the Opening Ceremony and see how our uniforms fair in regards to every other country.

Australia's Commonwealth Games Uniforms