Casting some Marketing Magic With a Bit of Lip Dubbing

Lip Dubbing is the new YouTube trend – it is basically lip syncing without the pretence that any real singing is happening. The lip dub version of Izzy Azalea’s ‘Fancy’ has been viewed almost 6 million times and Good Looking Parents rose to fame off the back of lip dubbing ‘Love is an Open Door’ from Frozen which has been viewed 15 million times. Now it has entered the world of musical theatre . . .

Lip Dub

Wicked is a pretty accessible show for both musical theatre fans and people who have never seen a musical in their life. It has huge sets, incredible lighting, a universal story, various hilarity, catchy songs and constant high octane movement making it the show of choice for many people who never see any shows. Especially looking at the current theatrical offerings in Melbourne, Wicked is arguably the most accessible up against Les Miserables, Rocky Horror and The King and I.

And thanks to some lip dubbing, it doesn’t appear that this will change anytime soon!

Wicked stars Lucy Durack, Steve Danielsen and Jemma Rix have been caught up in the lip dubbing craze and released their own version of Izzy Azalea’s ‘Fancy’. After that video became incredibly popular within the Melbourne theatre community, the trio released another lip dub to the Madden Brothers’ ‘We Are Done’ with the help of other Wicked stars Ed Grey and John James O’Hara.

Check out their latest video here:

These videos, of course, do great things for the relationships with their fans but they also hold the potential to become a fantastic marketing opportunity for the show!

The advantage of such an accessible show is that a wide range of audiences will fall in love with the product. This means that communications can afford to be outside the box and have a much wider reach than the musical theatre community. Hence, the power of lip dubbing videos!

Since the release of these videos, fans with a strong loyalty to these musical theatre stars have been sharing the video around social media promoting it to all their friends and followers. Unlike a traditional piece of theatre marketing, the accessibility of this communication will result in much higher engagement. Where potential non-musical audiences may have skimmed past a Wicked preview video, this user-generated content provides an enticing invitation into the Wicked brand – something which is closer to their comfort zones.

From here it is a simple step of developing a relationship with the stars and ultimately ending up in a seat at the Regent Theatre to see them performing live.

To develop a relationship with non-musical theatre audiences, it is necessary to create non-musical theatre marketing communications – and this is exactly what these stars of Wicked have done. Let’s hope that it brings a whole new collective of people into the theatre to see these talented people work their magic eight times a week!