Mmmbop-ping Into Your Audience’s Hearts

Hanson caused mass hysteria in the 90s by releasing the one song where no-one can sing the lyrics properly. Despite this hurdle, the song Mmmbop went crazy and the band have continued making hit records including their most recent album Anthem which they are currently touring through Australia. Showing some industry foresight and using the internet to its fullest potential in their latest campaign, the band may well maintain their popularity for many more records!


Overwhelmed by the audience response to the announcement of the Anthem tour, Hanson has introduced the most audience-centred campaign I have seen in the music business.

The task of choosing a set list for a concert can be rather difficult. It requires significant guesswork and past experience for the band to put themselves in the audience’s shoes and figure out which songs they want to hear in order to create the most meaningful experience. The issue is, of course, that every audience is different. Some will want to hear the old classics. Some will want to hear the new releases. Often there will be a combination of both.

In an effort to remove any guesswork, Hanson have given this task over to the audience. They have wiped their existing set list clean and are polling the impending audiences in the Gold Coast, Sydney and Fremantle.

Given the choice of 39 songs from the Hanson catalogue, the audience attending each of these shows is given the chance to visit their website and select up to 15 of their favourite songs. The songs which poll the highest will then be arranged into the set that audiences will hear on the night.

What a fantastic idea!

Through this campaign Hanson will create a concert where they are sure to send home a happy audience. There won’t be any people turning up to the water cooler the next day complaining that the band only played their new stuff and none of their original tracks – or vice versa. (Well, at least if you are in the majority of the audience and didn’t want to hear the 15 tracks that no-one else wanted).

This is a fantastic consumer-centric idea and emphasises the great power that can be wielded by using digital platforms to their fullest potential. The only potential issue with this plan is that the band may be playing their breakout hit Mmmbop all night. But then who didn’t listen to Mmmbop on constant repeat at some point in their life?

For more information on Hanson’s Australian tour (or to vote for your favourite songs) visit: