Heating Up The Dance Floor at Undrgrnd Winter

How do you ensure that everyone in your audience has a good time? That is a tricky question to answer. However, Undrgrnd has managed to do just this through their cleverly designed latest season of Undrgrnd Winter.

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Undrgrnd doesn’t just cater for one dance style. Aiming to highlight the most talented troupes in Australia, this event features a widely varying range of mind-blowing acts including Contemporary, Hip Hop, Classical and even Brazilian Samba. This could cause problems for hard core fans of one genre in particular as one performance may differ significantly from their tastes, however Undrgrnd is set up in a way that this never becomes an issue. In fact, it only makes the show even better!

Traditional concerts require the audience to sit constantly facing the stage and watching every moment of entertainment that is provided. That is fine when the evening’s entertainment falls into the same style because the audience has specifically chosen to see a night of salsa dancing. But when an audience member may not be interested in a particular item there is the opportunity for them to grab a drink at the bar, chat with friends at the back of the venue or even meet some of the other dance troupes with the guarantee that the next item will be right back up their alley.

When I chatted to the brains behind this event, Paul Malek, he placed great emphasis on the ability of audience members to choose which items they engaged with on the stage. And it is this defining element of the event which allows Undrgrnd to show off such a broad range of dance styles with such success.

However, in saying that, this progressive mix of performance styles only kept the audience on the edge of their seats (metaphorical seats, there was only standing room) waiting to see what explosive moves the next troupe was going to bring to the stage!

Even though audience members and performers clearly had their individual favourite styles of dance, showcasing a broad style of genres only made the audience more engaged. While they may differ, there are a lot of similarities across these genres and having such wide variety of high quality acts meant that the audience was given a taste of varying styles where they could develop a passion for a completely new style of dance.

Undrgrnd truly is a celebration of the dance art form highlighting some of Australia’s best troupes in this accessible format. Who knows, like me, you may even come away realising that while you love hip hop dancing, you actually have a passion for Brazilian Samba as well!

Undrgrnd is about to hit Sydney on August 16. For more details and to book tickets, visit: http://www.undrgrnddance.com/

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