Time Travelling with David Harris

Before he leaves to pursue a career on the bright stages of New York, David Harris is touring the country with his solo show Time is a Traveller. He is best known for his roles as Chris in Miss Saigon, Emmett Forrest in Legally Blonde and Fiyero in Wicked, but this musical biography clearly showed off the importance of breaking down that fourth wall and engaging directly with the audience.


Biographies are all the rage at the moment. Not only do they make great Christmas presents, but I recently discussed their role in fulfilling a desire to know more about a celebrity and further enhance each individual’s relationship with them. This show does exactly that, yet in a musical form. Interspersing meaningful songs from his life and career, David Harris weaves his personal narrative over the music and lyrics to add an extra level of personal meaning to each of these famous songs while also providing the audience with an insight into his difficult journey to musical heights in Australia.

There is something especially different about a concert without a fourth wall. Being able to directly engage with the performer and have the performer react to the audience provides some sense of uniqueness for viewers. While the set list may remain the same, the concert will never take this exact form again providing the audience with a one-off experience.

Using comedy, audience interaction and the vocal stylings of Amanda Harrison for a particularly funny scene from his youth performing in RSL talent contests, David Harris captivates the wide ranging audience. There was literally a song for everyone who has seen David Harris perform over the years. He performed the title song from Legally Blonde, a number from his unfortunate first flop The Full Monty, a beautiful duet of ‘As Long as You’re Mine’ from Wicked and a couple of Peter Allen songs from his time in workshops of The Boy From Oz conjuring the audience to revisit the many times they had seen this Australian musical star perform.

In addition, there were also a number of new items including some audience participation yodelling, tap dancing mouths and a beautiful rendition of the Les Misérables favourite ‘Bring Him Home’, all provided further insight into his exciting life.

Using a clever understanding of audience interaction, comedy and the experiences which shaped this audience’s relationship with him, David Harris has created a phenomenal concert which is sure to turn every attendee into a long-lasting fan even if he ends up back at the RSL talent contests which shaped his childhood!

David Harris’ Time is a Traveller hits Newcastle on August 16 with special guest Elise McCann. For more information visit: http://www.davidharrisofficial.com/