Knowing Your Audience

Every product will have a variety of users. Some will spend hours of research looking into the technical specifications of a product. Other users will purchase simply because they like the ideal life that this product will allow them to lead. As such, knowing the type of audience that is buying your product is of paramount importance if you actually want to create a meaningful connection.


GoPro is one of those special brands that is about to take over an entire product category. Think Google, Kleenex and Hoover. The GoPro brand has become synonymous with the action camera products to the point where GoPro is the phrase that everyone uses to describe an action camera regardless of whether it is made by any of their competitors.

And the latest advertising campaign is only going to make this brand stronger!

How did you first find out about the GoPro? Chances are you watched a video that was produced through one of these cameras. Luckily, their output is significantly different to the traditional camera output providing an iconic video production style, generally of a professional standard despite the user’s experience, which provides great publicity for the device.

Their use in creating all sorts of action sports and zany angle videos has been a major selling point so far in their comparatively short history and has a large bearing on the style of advertising campaign that needs to be run. In order to build a lasting relationship with these consumers, it is essential to get inside their head and work out why they are buying the product.

Are they looking for a top of the line camera? A camera which has all the functionality of a professional movie camera at your fingertips? Probably not.

Think about what inspired them to search for a GoPro. They were inspired by watching a video that someone had produced through this device. A style of video that they want to be able to create on their own – hence the need to purchase the camera.

While many technology producers like to promote the high level technology that is offered through their device, this isn’t the first concern for the GoPro purchaser. And these kinds of advertisements wouldn’t work nearly as well as their recent campaign.

Their most recent campaign focusses on functionality showing the potential consumer the exciting videos that they could be making were they fortunate enough to have a GoPro. But it also replicates the way in which most potential consumers fell in love with the product . . . hilarious or extreme sport videos (or a combination of both!).

Creating GoPro shot advertisements in every situation from shark diving and surfing pigs to highline rope swings and downhill skiing, GoPro have targeted the original source of the relationship. Reaching out to this innate need within a familiar format which reminds the viewers why they originally fell in love with the product is an incredibly effective way to further the brand relationship. And this results in people fulfilling their ideal dream of creating these professional standard videos after they have purchased one!

The other advantage of this series is the viral nature of the content. Videos shot with a GoPro are seriously interesting and sharable due to the iconic and new angle they provide – especially when their content is hilarious. As such, one of their videos about the exploits of a surfing pig has clocked up almost 2.5 million views in two weeks. This only enhances the reach of the advertisements reminding more people why they fell in love with the product and why they should invest in a new style of video making.

(Even I am not immune to this clever nostalgic power. Over the course of this article I suddenly have a strong desire to get a GoPro and see what interesting videos I could create!)