Timing is Everything

Sara Bareilles has been dominating the airwaves for the last couple of years with hits such as Love Song, King of Anything and Brave. Achieving nominations for Song of the Year, Album of the Year and Best Female Pop Vocal Performance, she is certainly a performer to watch. But her appeal doesn’t end with her vocal chords. She has some pretty intuitive marketing skills as well!


I have written about the impressively talented Sara Bareilles before. She has appeared as part of the Kinky Boots ‘Just Be’ campaign and highlighted her fans through cleverly crafted music videos which are both very clever strategies to further enhance the strong relationships she holds with her fans.

To celebrate the release of her latest album The Blessed Unrest, Sara has embarked on a tour across the US (and the world) featuring these newly released songs. But it wouldn’t be a Sara Bareilles tour if there wasn’t an exciting marketing strategy running concurrently! And she certainly hasn’t disappointed on this front.

When popular artists complete major tours there is often the obligatory release of a concert DVD featuring a recorded version of the concert. This is a great piece of merchandise for fans who want to relive the experience and continue dancing to their favourite performers from the comfort of their lounge room, but it doesn’t provide any publicity during the tour. The release of this DVD is too late to boost ticket sales or increase demand for extra shows.

So why does it have to be at the end?

Ignoring this convention, through the tour Sara Bareilles has released a series of two-minute long video clips providing concert footage, backstage shenanigans and short interviews about the audience and performing. The content isn’t any different than what would be featured in a promotional concert DVD, but the timing is different. Check one out here:

Releasing them during the tour provides great promotion to be shared around the social media platforms and to encourage excited offline discussion about the upcoming tour. This discussion has some great benefits for the tour. Existing fans that missed marketing communications about the tour are suddenly initiated into the fold through either seeing these videos or hearing discussion caused by these videos which then acts as a great prompt to purchase tickets to a concert they would have previously missed.

However, the benefits extend further than that. Due to social media sharing, the reach of these shared videos extends past the initial fans of Sara Bareilles. Social media allows any interaction by fans with the videos to be promoted on the news feeds of their friends.

Using the rule that friends generally have similar interests, a whole new market is opened up through exposing friends of fans to these videos. If they didn’t know about Sara Bareilles before, then there is the opportunity that they may see the video and take the time to investigate the artist. If they did know of Sara Bareilles before, this could be just the amount of marketing stimuli they needed to encourage them to fall in love with her music.

Sara Bareilles is about to embark on a world tour (and I already have my tickets!). To check out if she is performing near you, visit: http://littleblackdresstour.sarabmusic.com/