Experience the Power of the Bookbook

IKEA has turned to some parody marketing for its latest advertisement which has gone viral across the internet. Making light of the distinctive Apple advertising style, IKEA is introducing viewers to a device which will ‘change the way we live’. It’s not an E-Book, it’s not online, it’s a bookbook. Check out the video here:

Apple’s marketing style has always been distinctive. From the curiosity-inspiring dancing silhouettes to the technology-focussed current range of advertising, it is easy to tell an Apple advertisement from the rest. In order to promote the release of their 2015 catalogue and raise awareness about this platform through which consumers can learn about the new product ranges, IKEA has parodied this iconic Apple style.

All the Apple elements are there. The unique charger, the image design, even the language that is used – ‘At only 8mm thin and weighing in at less than 400g . . .’

And it has worked!

Launched a week before the Apple announcement of the iPhone 6, the video has been seen by over 10.6 million people in less than a fortnight.

This impressive number is certainly not unfounded. There is a deep love of parody across society, especially in younger generations who would immediately pick up on the Apple advertising style. And the popularity of parody news websites (i.e. The Onion) and parody music (i.e. Weird Al Yankovich) are testament to this societal movement.

As a result of this wide appreciation, parody content is highly shareable. If users see an appealing piece of entertainment (and can be rather sure that their friends will also find it amusing) then they will quite happily share it across social media. Through this action, the number of people the parody content will reach increases exponentially, and there is little doubt that this popularity has come about through the 45,000 people who have shared this content.

So it is popular and has done wonders for IKEA in raising awareness and getting potential consumers to engage with the new catalogue. But that leaves one question . . .

This video has received great publicity across social media and the news, but also pokes fun at one of the most powerful companies in the world that is easily able to influence consumer buying habits. So why hasn’t Apple shut it down?

Because it doesn’t need to. The most successful thing about this parody is that it isn’t actually ruining the Apple brand. IKEA and Apple aren’t in direct competition for consumer dollars and while there may be some overlap of consumers looking to either buy a chair or an iPad, it isn’t really enough of the marketplace to worry about. But the timing is also important.

Apple remained rather secretive about their latest product launch only disclosing the date and providing no more information. The aim of this secretive strategy was to get people talking about Apple and creating hype for the impending announcement. In relation to Apple, all this advertisement does is encourage conversation. It is a short leap from laughing at the parody to thinking about the impending Apple launch which then becomes a topic of discussion among equally tech-savvy friends.

It is the best of both worlds for both companies. Apple receives more buzz about its impending product release and IKEA receives great awareness from a highly shareable product!