From Mundane to Collectable

For most people, grabbing a coffee on their way to work is a habit. Not a habit like biting your fingernails, but a habit in the sense that you have the same order every day at the same coffee shop. Very little decision-making thought is necessary. What if this mundane occurrence could be turned into a memorable and exciting experience each day?

Louis Charden

I have travelled a little further than usual for my example of the day. Today’s article inspiration comes from French-inspired café and bakery Louis Charden in Yerevan, Armenia.

To better express their French inspired brand to the customer, the café created the character Louis Charden. The process involved detailing a story behind this character – learnt to bake from his mother, fell in love while sharing a croissant and developed from a baker’s assistant to owning his own bakery. This elaborate (and fictional) story was then detailed through a number of quintessentially French drawings and the range was printed across their packaging.

Coffee cups, jam jars and paper bags all joined together to detail the story of this brand mascot through beautiful pictures.

So what does this have to do with marketing?

These beautiful pictures create strong, memorable moments in the consumers’ days.

Each morning there is a reason to go back to that café. Each morning there is the opportunity to interact with another exciting development in the story through the take-away coffee cup. Each morning there is anticipation for this previously mundane action which has now become more exciting due to creating a different experience each morning.

Due to these different moments each day, there is an interest in the story which ultimately becomes part of a growing relationship between the coffee drinker and Louis Charden. And the purchaser gets a little bit of extra value for the same amount of money they spend on their coffee each day.

I know that my mornings would be enriched by discovering more of this story each morning while carrying out a mundane task. Wouldn’t yours?