Bringing New Life to Australian Classics

There are many songs that define Australians. Waltzing Matilda. I Still Call Australia Home. Down Under. They have been around for years, hold a special place in our hearts and are compulsory listening for every Australian – but occasionally they can feel out of date. That is, until The Aussie Boys get their hands on them!


The Americans have their Great American Songbook containing some of the most influential US songs from the 20th century. These songs form the staple for many American singers of note and hold great influence over the population. Well, it’s not only the Americans that have a songbook. It appears that Australians have their very own Songbook as well.

While the Americans favour Irving Berlin, Richard Rodgers and Duke Ellington, our Australian collection is slightly more eclectic – although it is just as important. However, over time these songs have fallen out of performance due to their staid and traditional arrangements. In their latest show, The Aussie Boys are proving that this is easily changed with some new arrangements and excitingly choreographed performance bringing these important Australian songs back to the performance circuit.

Hailing from musical theatre backgrounds, The Aussie Boys is comprised of three very talented guys who have appeared in Legally Blonde, South Pacific, Singin’ in the Rain, The Producers and many other shows. The focus of their shows are to perform Australian and well-known favourites that audiences adore through their exciting new sound – a performance which Andrew Ronay-Jenkings, Ben Gillespie and Samuel Armstrong have toured through Australia and around the world.

There is something special about these Australian songs. Consisting of everything from Vanessa Amorosi’s “Absolutely Everybody” and Kylie Minogue’s “Can’t Get You Out Of My Head” to the Peter Allen classic “I Still Call Australia Home” and Hunters and Collector’s “Holy Grail”, these songs instantly resonate with audiences.

And this resonance is key.

It is difficult to get an audience involved in a performance. They are often hesitant to clap in the wrong place or are unsure what is coming next. Performing a range of songs that everybody in the theatre, young and old, have grown up with through exciting new arrangements, this is easily overcome. From the very beginning of the night the audience was completely involved, clapping and singing along with the impressively talented performers on stage.

Andrew Ronay-Jenkings, Ben Gillespie and Samuel Armstrong do an impressive job bringing new life to these national classics. Showing off a wide range of dancing and vocal skills (even some impressive piano from Samuel Armstrong), it is hard to believe that some of these songs aren’t still in the charts today with the incredible audience reception these newly arranged classics received.

If the temperature of the crowd last night is anything to go by, these guys are onto a winning combination that holds strong importance to Australian audiences. Keep an eye on these guys as they continue to tour both within Australia and internationally. For the latest performance updates, visit their Facebook page.