First Impressions

Nothing sets up a relationship that is destined to fail better than a bad first impression. And nothing sets up a great, long-lasting impression better than an impressive first impression. But I’m not talking about dates or job interviews. I am talking about trying out a new product!

Phone Plans

It is an element of human nature that we make up our minds very quickly. And too often this is only considered during the purchase process. If the purchase process is streamlined so that a product is incredibly easy to buy then surely they will start to develop a great, long-lasting relationship. Right? Wrong! Well, not completely wrong. The purchase process is certainly important because if it is difficult there is a good chance that consumers won’t end up buying the product. But the first impression with a product is even more important.

Not all companies understand the importance of this stage, but Telstra certainly does.

Any new consumers (or those which upgrade their phone plans) are welcomed to their new product experience with an extra 25GB of data to set up their phone. Not only will this extra allowance provide these new customers with the opportunity to customise the phone to suit their exact needs, it will also allow them a little leeway in their first month to develop an incredibly strong product/brand relationship.

In addition to downloading all the necessary apps, consumers also have the opportunity to use the remaining data living in the way that only 25GB of data allows them to. They can watch movies, stream music while out and about as well as constantly updating their Facebook (I would assume Telstra is hoping these updates will be about their rockin’ new phone plan) without attaching any fears about exceeding their limit to the product experience.

There is always the impending fear of going over your limit that will raise it’s ugly head in month two, but by then you have probably already made up your mind about the product!