Explicit Content Warning

Tennis is a big deal in Melbourne during January. If you haven’t actually made it to Melbourne Park then you have been tuning in on the television . . Especially when it comes to finals season. So if you can gain media attention while the Men’s Final is happening then you have set the stage for some very powerful brand building.


World Number 6 and Australian Open runner-up Andy Murray’s better half, Kim Sears, made the news cycles late last week when she swore in the middle of his semi-final match. Her incongruous behaviour with the conservative tennis community instantly gave her global recognition and notoriety – and gave Andy Murray’s brand a bit of an edge.

But it is always the follow up that matters.

No matter how good the first impression is, if it cannot be sustained through continuous similar impressions then it will simply become the marketing version of a one-hit wonder. Otherwise known as the infamous 15 minutes of fame.

Kim Sears was on the edge of ending her 15 minutes after the Men’s semi-final. She was talked about on entertainment news programs, sports shows and across almost every online Australian news outlet. But by the time Melbourne got to the Women’s final she had fallen off the radar.

Until the Men’s final . . .

Turning up to the Men’s final in a ‘Parental Advisory Explicit Content’ t-shirt was right on brand for Kim Sears. Despite the fact that the traditional tennis community aren’t a big fan of swearing, it isn’t a big issue in Australian culture. So the best thing for Kim to do in this follow up opportunity was to embody the Australian spirit and make fun of her larrikin style of behaviour!

While it isn’t a planned media event (or maybe it is?), this appearance only further strengthened her brand in the eyes of tennis viewers and fans. She has a large point of different from other players’ spouses and this works to her advantage as she is then easy to remember. Plus each of her two prominent appearances were along the same theme further emphasising the characteristics of her brand.

With more behaviour like this, we could adopt her as our own and have another ‘Aussie Kim’ in tennis!