The Obama Advantage

When it comes to politics, young people are often the last thing on any politician’s mind. They are seen as a generally uninterested segment of the voting population and rather fickle in their decisions. But I have news for you . . . there are more of this group than anyone else making them one of the most important voting segments. And this is something that Barack Obama knows better than anyone else!


Politics is a numbers game where every vote counts. With that in mind, it is of course easier in the short term to go with the ‘sure thing’. And that ‘sure thing’ is most definitely not young voters. They often change their minds at a moment’s notice, they are hyper-critical, and they don’t have a long history of allegiance to draw on.

There is actually a reason behind this fickle nature when it comes to young voters. It all stems from a lack of focus. But not from the voters, from the politicians. Policies might be made for the younger generations, but nothing is communicated to them and when these out-of-touch individuals try to use tech-savvy communication channels it often backfires in their faces causing the message to get lost in a never-ending meme.

Not Barack Obama.

If there is one politician who understands the importance of getting the young population on board it is Barack Obama. And even better than that, he often teams up with people who have that demographic clearly in their sites.

Take his infamous ‘Between Two Ferns’ interview for an example. Appearing on Zach Galifianakis’ comedy talk show literally situated between two ferns allowed him to get in contact with the younger generations in amongst some very funny comedic stylings. And now Obama has paired up with youth-focussed news outlet BuzzFeed.

Leaving status, seriousness and the Senate at the door, he is willing to have a laugh at himself in a video which shows that Barack Obama is not actually that much different from the rest of us. He pulls faces at himself in the mirror, he pretends to shoot match-winning baskets in the final seconds and he struggles to pronounce certain words. Of course, there is the very thinly veiled message about healthcare, but that doesn’t form the centre of the video for the audience. It is merely one component wrapped up in a myriad of accessible jokes. And it has gone viral across the internet!

It comes back to one thing. Know your audience. If you can’t get to them currently, team up with someone who can because they already have the cut through and they know how to capture their attention. And if you can effectively communicate to the younger generations then you can pick yourself up a fiercely loyal following!