Climbing the Star-Studded Mountain to Relevance

The Sound of Music is one of those iconic musicals. Chances are, if you pulled a random person off the street who didn’t have much interest in musicals, the first musical they would think of would be this Julie Andrews classic. But with the original film now 50 years old and set in a society markedly different to the one we live in now, how do you maintain relevance?


Team up and leverage another fan base.

There have been two major collaborations which have brought The Sound of Music back to the forefront of entertainment options in the last couple of years. The first one was the highly-talked-about NBC live action remake of the show starring country music star Carrie Underwood and True Blood’s Stephen Moyer.

Despite a number of aggressive musical theatre fans who were not satisfied with the country music star’s take on Maria, this production reached an enormous audience who would not usually attend the theatre.

And if the 18.6 million viewers of The Sound of Music Live! wasn’t enough, the classic musical recently teamed up with another chart topping singer to spread their message even further.

Lady Gaga may not be known for her mountaintop yodelling. She is also not known for her family-friendly music. But she is an enormous musical force who reaches an enormous group of fans most of whom probably don’t attend the theatre. So to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the Julie Andrews movie, Lady Gaga was invited to sing a medley of the famous songs including The Sound of Music, My Favourite Things, Edelweiss and Climb Ev’ry Mountain at the Oscars.

And then the internet went nuts!

This classic musical was on the tip of everyone’s lips who had watched the awards show as Lady Gaga brought these songs back into the popular consciousness. And also provided a new area of musical interest to her enormous fan base.

Despite the musicals traditional plot, this partnership with Lady Gaga overcame any potential barriers to relevance within today’s society as it took centre stage at one of the world’s most hyped film awards.

If you haven’t seen the performance, check it out here: