Digital Networking

Something Rotten, the new Shakespeare inspired musical comedy on Broadway, announced their digital rush policy last week. I even wrote an article about the inclusive nature of this new digital expansion allowing locals to hop on the rush ticket bandwagon as well. And now Gigi, starring Vanessa Hudgens, has announced their rush policy with another difference!


I love digital expansion. It makes services much more accessible to all sorts of time-poor people and allows much better targeting to customers based on needs and ‘likes’ rather than geographic location. But it also provides great opportunities for personal recommendations.

New Broadway revival Gigi has released a similar digital component to their rush policy as Something Rotten did last week.

Allowing potential audience members to enter an online ballot from 10am to 12pm each day, winners are then announced on the website half an hour after the draw closes. But what is so special about this? It is exactly what Something Rotten rolled out.

There is an additional component. To increase your odds of winning, all you have to do is share your entry on social media to receive an extra vote. This one simple action just doubled your chances!

But more than that, it creates a recommendation from your strongest recommending market – passionate theatre people who desperately want to win a ticket. Through these early adopters comes access to a whole network of other people like them. An elaborate group of people connected because of their strong passion for theatre.

And by tweeting or Facebook-ing their entry into the Gigi digital rush ballot, these people are essentially applying their endorsement to the product. ‘If it is worthy of these people’s time to go and see then it is worthy of my time to check out.’ That is what their friends will think.

The best part? These endorsements come for free!

Gigi makes takes the digital rush lottery tally to two. Come on other musicals and plays, time to jump on board as well. Each additional mind working on refining this online offer will add something new – so imagine what it will look like when every Broadway show is on board. The sky’s the limit!