Sky High Selfies

Holiday snaps are a powerful marketing tool. Tourist attractions rely on digital natives visiting their sites and then uploading plenty of photos about their (hopefully wonderful) experience providing lots of free marketing to people with similar interests. That is great for the destination, but what about the journey?

Sky High Selfies

Virgin has done it again. Just when you think they have reached the end of their innovative marketing tactics, they roll out another one placing them well ahead of all their competitors.

Whenever any digital native goes to the airport there is the obligatory social media post about leaving your mundane life and going on an adventure. Sure, this inspires jealousy in every one of your social media connections who are stuck behind a desk, but Virgin has identified this moment as a great marketing tool!

Coining the new phrase #SkyhighSelfie, Virgin’s upgraded fleet of planes will be encouraging their customers to upload the departing selfie. These new planes include a dedicated selfie wall, flight attendants on hand to assist in capturing enough of the Virgin brand for promotion and one free logon to the plane’s Wi-Fi to post the selfie onto Facebook.

Most companies that try to influence their customers into taking a selfie generally fail. Why? Because the opportunity is purely promotional and when consumers sense this kind of marketing they can run in the opposite direction because they don’t like to be told how to act. But Virgin’s strategy has a unique distinction. There is incredible value for the customer.

While we may be uploading this photo to the internet for posterity and to capture every moment of our trip, there is always the underlying motivation of making all your friends and family jealous. Capturing a selfie on the plane is the perfect way to satisfy both of these value-adding conditions providing a reason to engage in Virgin’s new marketing strategy.

There is a reason why Virgin has such an impressive brand and it comes back to this strong understanding of the consumer. Every strategy that is implemented starts with the consumer and what would satisfy one of their needs. Good one, Virgin!